Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Pee made me Sweat for Tom.

This was my little al fresco art studio today. It was delightfully sunny and warm outside, bloody freezing in the farmhouse!! So out came my washi tapes, scissors, fattest cushion and also various books from the "spooky room" (more about that later) to start my Tom boekie project.
I saw the most perfect piece of paperbark today, just at the end of the peeling stage...almost free of the tree, but just requiring a quick and shocking rip from me, and I was more than happy to oblige because Pee and I are each undertaking a boekie type project to send Tom.

By the way, Tom...we haven't been formally introduced.
Hello, I'm Vizma. I'm an Aussie. Marie is my friend through Mail Art connections. Thanks for commenting so nicely on our blogs. You are sweat.  Ha ha. Nobody reads Princess and the Pee anyway. What fun! You can say anything you like here.
Poo. Bum. Wee. Willies. HA! There you go.

So nice to make your acquaintance, and how do you do, P. U!!

(That "spooky room" is a room in the outside shed block, it had always been overgrown with vines and blocked by boxes of champagne corks, so I'd never entered. Today I did. I 'arm macheted'  and kicked my way in and found a tea chest full of mouse-nibbled books! They were mostly scary religious type books, as the previous inhabitants ran a Sunday school here, but I'm looking forward to flicking through them all later, on a rainy day.)


  1. How touching, Vizma, and flattering as well, to receive such news from the Sheep and Art Farm.

    Those book-nibbling, champagne-guzzling mice must be DEEPLY religious by now!

    How I would like to be along for the ride when Little Swee'Pea visits the aminals of Waitpinga... but in that case I would have to first (a) eat my spinach, and (b) learn a naughty word or two.

    ("Oh, come on, you know a LOT of naughty words!" quoth the Kiwi.)

  2. Oh you are just two giant bubbles of sweat.....

  3. Don't be so sure you're alone. Even the corn has ears. There are TOXIS Agents and Neoists everywhere!

    Vizma, is this how you have been enjoying your time since walking away triumphantly with the coveted TrashPo Litzer Prize?

  4. Uh-oh, here they come!

    Though we may reside TrashPoles apart, we never lose sight of our kind friends across the Pacific.

  5. This was the hottest mid-May day in almost 100 years! I picked a good one for making art,though I got a bit sunburnt on one shoulder.
    I think today will be hotter, so after the lambs and calves are checked (yes, lambing has begun, yippee) I'm going to set up again and burn the other side. Oh, after I've cut down that eavesdropping corn, DVS.

  6. :-)) I like that comment on Tom's blog, Vizma, very funny. We are all starting to look very flat!!

  7. Thanks Pee, we all know that flattening will get you everywhere, or get you boekies at least. I'm still laughing at Tom's comment about the the champagne guzzling mice being religious! I'll send you a cover of one of the old nibbled books, once I've dusted off the, ahem, holy shit.

  8. This sweaty pee combine project is completed and sent! I'm a bit slow... ;-P

  9. My sweaty pee combine part of the project is out there too. It turned into something else than a boekie. Sometimes boekies just don't want to happen.

  10. Who could ever hope to be worthy of such a showering of sweaty pee products!

    Now we have only to trust in the snails whose duty it is to sail across the great ocean, bearing these promised gifts.

    (I know it is currently the XXI c., but these snails have a way of thinking it is several centuries earlier...)

  11. my dear vizma bruns or vizma brown as we say here among the paperbarks, your beautiful boekie has eluded the Saltwater Crocodile and made it all the way across the Big Water.

    We are so very happy!!

    mans dārgais Vizma bruns vai Vizma kā mēs brūns teikt šeit starp paperbarks, jūsu skaisti boekie ir izvairīšanās no Sālsūdens Crocodile un padarīja to visu ceļu pāri Lielajam ūdens.

    Mēs esam tik ļoti laimīgs!

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  13. Yip-pee Tom, so glad my boekie made it to you safely! I hope the tiny hind leg of the yabby made it without breaking...?
    Your comment in Latvian made me laugh hysterically, it's so grammatically wrong!! Tom, this leads me to think that you aren't actually fluent in Latvian...am I correct?

    Um, who's our cat friend, Pee??


  14. Vizma,

    I'll have you know I was brought up in the Latvian Embassy, where I sought diplomatic refuge.

    A curious dialect of Latvian was spoken there. In fact all the diplomats wore grass skirts and played ukuleles. Very strange but when a place seems like home, one doesn't ask questions.

    Until later...

    And Oh, the boekie is so very fine, Vizma. The paperbark itself has such an excellent texture and colour and even, upon close sniffing, a sort of "bouquet" that wafts one well away from the ugly busy city to the open spaces of Waitpinga and Beyond. Touching it took some getting up of the olde courage, I did not dare do harm to the wonderful delicately secured things, several of which have obviously been to exotic places, and consideration of those possible places has been an adventure in itself.

    But yes, the tiny hind leg of the Yabby is intact, and, along with the brilliant boekie in which it continues to contribute to the Great Locomotion of All Things, now enjoys pride of place here.

    And what an adventure it has been to venture (with no little trepidation, mind) into the native habitat of Cherax destructor (Cyan Yabby, or Turquoise Terrorizor).

    All I can say, my dear, is that Jules Verne would have been quaking in his writing slippers!

  15. I didn't know the Latvian Embassy was THAT exotic!! What a laugh...
    Well well well, project-Tom has been going fab, very happy about that. A yabbie leg in the mail!! I think it's going to be yabbie soup day today!
    Ah yes, the cat friend.. it was a spam comment but I thought we all might need a bit of cat advice :-))

  16. Ah, Tom, that must've been the Tobago branch of the Latvian Embassies, the whole weird dialect thing makes sense now. Yes, we had a colony there centuries ago. I visited the ancestors myself just last year.

    Cherax destructor, what a brilliant Latin name for the yabby! Ours are nowhere near as exotic as the fancy Cyan version of Sydney. Baby-poo brown would be a closer description of the colour.

    Thanks for the lovely, uplifting comments, Tom, it was worth sending just to hear your words. But the pride of place has me wondering....do you have a fridge door in the shower too?

    Hi Pee, Pinka read the spam and was very thankful that you left it there! She particularly enjoyed the comment "Jus relax, don't be silly about the cat."

  17. Yes, and we would occasionally toboggan over to Trinidad on the back of a sooty yabby to hear the Latvian steel bands bang away beneath the tropic icicles.

    And I'm to tell you our defunct shower now serves as the home of the water bowl of the cats. Well, one of their many water bowls.

    (Hello Pinka!!)

    I'm to tell you also that the Exalted Paperbark Boekie has now become part of our Keats Altar -- a converted fruit crate with many small precious effects and artifacts and diverse thingies dating back well into another century... or two or three.

  18. This almost makes me feel as though I were back home on the beach in old Cape Kolka.

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