Friday, 7 February 2014

Rilakkuma Wonderland

I almost forgot that I had this picture from Hong Kong. Too bad I wasn't allowed to take photos inside. But it's the same old Rilakkuma stuff. Funny though…
For you Sweat


  1. Is there a wonderland for his evil nemesis, too? You know I like him much better! I wear my badge with pride, despite the fact that no one knows what the hell it means, I'm just a mad woman with an angry bear badge!!
    What was his name again??

  2. Akuma :-) You know, that was the one and only time I have seen an Akuma item. I'm looking for them like crazy and they are nowhere to be seen. I do prefer it to Rilakkuma too. Rilakkuma can be lame sometimes. Or always. But Japanese people love him. Akuma is just so much better.